Rose Bath Bomb


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Don’t just wash away the days dirt… Cleanse your body, mind, and soul! Take bathing to the next level with Rare Earth Bath Bombs and transform your bath into an effervescent delight all your senses can enjoy. Breath in the delicious therapeutic aromas hand selected to enhance your bathing experience and submerge yourself into the warm, soothing water rich in vitamins and minerals. Let your worries dissolve into the tiny bubbles bursting at the waters surface, relinquishing any anxious energy into the cosmos. Sit back, relax and enjoy a little ‘you-time’.


Aluminum Free Baking Soda,* Citric Acid,* Dead Sea Salt,* Pink Himalayan Salt,* Rose Hip Seed Oil,* Pure essential Oil of Rose,* Fragrance,* Mica, Glitter, Rose Hydrosol*



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