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National Forest Foundation Plants Trees: Rare Earth Skincare Gives Back

Rare Earth Skincare gives back to our forests, with each order, by planting a tree through the National Forest Foundation.

National Forest Foundation Plants Trees: Rare Earth Skincare Gives Back

Rare Earth Skincare strives to inspire people to go outside, play, enjoy nature, and get closer to the source. The all natural, mineral Sun Cream is designed to help people feel safe enjoying the sun. We want more people to get out and enjoy our Rare Earth, become more in tune with nature, aware of their impact, and inspired to make a change. We hold the power to restore our beautiful planet in little decisions we make throughout the day. Even decisions like what type of sunscreen we use. Our lifesource depends on our choices and it’s time to give back more than we take – before it’s too late! Rare Earth Skincare supports the National Forest Foundation and has pledged to plant one tree for every order processed.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

The National Forest Foundation does much more than plant trees. They also made it part of their mission to raise awareness and get people involved. They educate the public about the importance of preserving forests and the biodiversity that sustains us. Their values and goals aligned with ours – protecting the environment, giving back to the planet, and inspiring others to do the same. It was a perfect fit, an easy decision, and a worthy cause! 

Here is a video and some facts about National Forests from their “It’s All Yours” campaign to raise awareness for the value that National Forests bring, to all our lives, everyday. 



  • Recreation opportunities contribute more than $10 billion to the U.S. economy, a large part of which are enjoyed in our National Forests.
  • National Forests and Grasslands support 7,000+ outfitters and guides.
  • National Forests are home to 122 ski areas.
  • 7 in 10 Americans live within 100 miles of a National Forest.
  • 150,000 miles of hiking trails run through our National Forests and Grasslands.
  • 5,100 campgrounds to pitch our tents can be found in National Forests and Grasslands.
  • 193 million spectacular acres of wildlands are contained within our National Forests.
  • 4,400+ miles of wild and scenic rivers flow through our forests.
  • 9,000+ miles of scenic byways to drive through National Forests and Grasslands.
  • The National Forests sustain more than 10,000 species of plants and 3,000 species of fish and wildlife.
  • 3,000+ communities / millions of Americans, get their drinking water from watersheds contained within National Forests and Grasslands.

We live as much of our lives outdoors as we can and have made it a priority to create products that promote healthy lifestyles, environment, and skin. It is so important to be more than a consumer on this beautiful planet, we want to be a restorative force. We are doing everything we can to protect and preserve mother nature for our enjoyment and that of many future generations. Planting trees is very important to us and we are always pushing to do more: we use all natural, sustainably sourced, organic, or wildcrafted ingredients – of the highest quality. We offer refills in compostable packaging for all  our major skincare products, our packaging is reusable, our shipping materials are minimummal. We are moving towards a zero-waste model and hope to assist our customers in their journey to reduce their carbon footprint as well. It all begins with lifestyle, those seemingly innocent, insignificant little  decisions you make throughout your everyday life – they make a big impact… by maintaining high quality standards, eco-friendly business practices, and sustainably sourced products that are people, pet, and planet friendly – we help our customers by facilitating eco-friendly choices. 

Can you imagine life without these precious resources from our rare earth? As we continue to grow, we will find more ways to give back. And you can help! Coming soon… 1% for women and all profits from apparel to a non-profit or charity (to be determined). Help us decide where we can give back to have the most impact. What’s your favorite cause, non-profit, or charity? Share yours and tell us why in the comments – can’t wait to hear from you!